Why Colibri? Because it’s the same word in French and Spanish for the beautiful native hummingbirds of the American Southwest, where I currently live.

I’m Johanna, and I specialize in editing and translation (French and Spanish into English) for international, non-governmental and non-profit organizations.


I’m here to help you turn your newsletter, report, white paper, brochure, website or any other material into powerful content that is accurate, clear and concise. I’ll take care of the copy-editing or proofreading, so that you can focus on your ideas and content.


As a translator, I can help you to expand your reader base by creating a faithful rendition of the original text into English. I’ll ensure that the translation respects your style and tone, uses the right terminology and is appropriate for your target audience. The documents I translate cover a broad range of technical, political, scientific, social, economic and legal issues.

Whether you’re a well-established international organization or a small non-profit, you’ll benefit from my linguistic and terminological expertise and background knowledge in the fields of sustainable development, international peace and security, disaster relief and mitigation and many other issues that you may be working on to advance social progress and promote human rights. Having worked as an editor and translator in the United Nations system for almost a decade, I have a solid understanding of the United Nations, its various bodies and committees and its many programmes, missions and initiatives launched over the years, in addition to the many fields of work in which the organization operates.